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Diversipak manages facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Over 1 million square feet of production space. Capabilities include display production and assembly, product packout, inventory management and distribution. Diversipack has simplified the entire logistic process by providing a single source management process. In addition, we manage complete shipping logistics both in house and third party.


Flexibility and customization are the core drivers behind our productivity. Most of our production equipment is mobile allowing us to be limitless in our flexibility. Our scanners, wrappers, bagging, cartoning and labeling are all automated. We can also accommodate for hand work with a flexible line of 1-100 people working a production line. Whatever is required for quality and time sensitivity, we can get it done!


Our experienced staff handles inbound and outbound loads from 1 package to 50 truckloads. We offer discounted LTL cariers as well as full truckload discounts. Diversipak will also use a clients 3rd party truck line if appropriate. Our service is designed to provide the best product with the most cost effective solution.

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